A beach shoot story of how wonderful the right collaboration can be.

The beach shoot at Hayling Island was not just about taking photographs; it was about connecting with another photographer, embracing collaboration, and telling a compelling story through our branding photography.



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In the world of lifestyle brand photography, capturing genuine moments is the essence of creating compelling visuals that resonate with the audience. 

Last summer, I had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with the talented brand photographer, Sam, on a beach shoot at the picturesque Hayling Island. As we aimed to capture each other’s essence, the experience turned into a remarkable journey of shared creativity and growth. In this blog post, I’ll share the story of our collaboration, the beauty of beach shoots, and the power of storytelling in branding photography.

samantha louise photography

Sam like me, is a Lifestyle Brand Photographer who is based down in Hampshire.

She is an amazing woman who took up photography after the birth of her daughter. She loves helping women grown in confidence with the power of her images. She wants them to feel empowered to take on the world and leave a mark worth making. You can find out more about Sam here ……SL Brand Photography

The Beach Shoot at Hayling Island

Hayling Island provided the perfect backdrop for our beach shoot. The initially overcast, but as the sun emerged, it bathed the scenery in a warm glow. The picturesque coastline, the turquoise ocean, which was whipped up by a strong breeze provided a glorious  environment, inspiring us to begin our photography journey with enthusiasm.

Branding Photography and Telling a Story

As lifestyle brand photographers, Sam and I understand the significance of storytelling in our work. Brands today strive to connect with their audience on a personal level, and a well-crafted visual narrative will definitely make an impact and help you to resonate with your ideal clients. During the shoot, we focused not only on capturing the aesthetics but also on weaving a story. 

Embracing Collaboration

Collaborating with another photographer might seem daunting, but Sam and I quickly found our rhythm. We shared tips, exchanged ideas, and learned from each other’s techniques. The experience of collaborating with a fellow creative brought a fresh perspective to our work. It allowed us to break free from the solitary nature of photography and embrace the synergy that comes from working as a team.

The Magic of Shared Creativity

As the day unfolded, we found ourselves completely immersed in the creative process. Sam shared with me how nervous she was in meeting me.  It can be scary starting a collaboration with someone who has been doing photography for over 40 years, but soon her nerves melted away, and we began bouncing ideas off each other.

The shared creativity sparked an atmosphere of pure joy and excitement. The passion for our craft united us, and it reflected in the photos we took of each other. We also discovered that we both have been blessed with the same gift, we just ”see it”. You can’t teach this or learn it, you either have it or you don’t. This is what either, makes a good photographer and a great one!

The Results of a Successful Collaboration

The photos we captured that day turned out to be nothing short of magical. The blend of beach scenery, candid moments, and branding elements produced visuals that portrayed us authentically and told a powerful story. These images became an integral part of our marketing efforts, showcasing the essence of our individual styles while celebrating our shared passion for photography. My hero image on my website is one that Sam took, it captures the very essence of me, everyone who knows me have all said “that is so you”

featured client: SL Brand photography

industry: brand photographer

brand colours: turquoise - cream

location: hayling island - hampshire

Photoshoot date: 31st July 2022

The beach shoot at Hayling Island was not just about taking photographs; it was about connecting with another photographer, embracing collaboration, and telling a compelling story through our branding photography. It taught us the beauty of working together and the transformative power of shared creativity. So, for any photographers out there, I highly recommend teaming up with a like-minded creative soul for a memorable and rewarding experience. Together, you can create stunning visuals that speak volumes and inspire others to embark on their own creative journeys.

We enjoyed it so much, we are doing it all again this September.  Happy shooting!

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