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I am Helen a brand photographer based in Northampton. I’ve always loved photography and I bought my 1st camera back in 1990, when it was the days of film. I had a make shift darkroom in my Bathroom, it was not the largest bathroom ever seen. Visitors had to negotiate enlargers and chemical trays, so they and me were thankful when digital arrived. The changes that digital photography brought to me were massive, I never used to want to waste one shot on a roll of film as it was expensive.

Digital bought it own challenges, editing skills, now I needed to learn editing skills using Photoshop and Lightroom, I am still learning….. Completing a photography course at my local college, which was amazing, and received a RPS Licentiate Distinction (LRPS) qualification for my work.

Love to photograph anything and everything I always have my camera with me. I live very near to nature and an abundance of wildlife, I spend time sitting by the canal. Love to watch the seasons change, and coming and goings of all the wildlife. We have otters, kingfishers, carrion and my favourite, the swans. I enjoy photographing my friends children, some kids love it more than others, some see coming and just hide! I often do long exposure photography during blue hour until the starts come out to capture nightscapes. I spend hours planning a night shoot, checking out the moon times, what stars are visible and weather apps, that are always wrong.

As a cat person, seriously I am a cat magnet, during Greek holiday’s cats arrive within seconds, its like they know. I own a Maine Coon cat called Pantaliamon, known at Pan. She is a complete diva, thoroughly spoilt, and the most reluctant model, hides under the bed until the camera has gone.

I have been exceptionally lucky and have had the opportunity to travel the world in my previous job. I have been to some extraordinary corners of this planet, to be able capture those memories is priceless.

Ssshhh…. I will tell you a secret. My guilty pleasure is aviation photography! I love the smell of aviation fuel and the noise of fast jets. Sometimes it all falls into place like this image. Light, ribbons and fluff.


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