Behind the scenes Brand shoot with Heart Led Studio.

Becky and I thought this shoot was never going to happen.….. the good old British weather threw us a few curveballs and we had to reschedule, on numerous occasions.



Oh no not a another reschedule

Becky and I thought this shoot was never going to happen. We had our locations sorted and our hotels booked and a few days before the shoot, wham….. the good old British weather threw us a curveball and we had to reschedule, on numerous occasions.

So after what seemed like our 100th attempt at trying to book a shoot on a Welsh beach, we made the decision shelve it this time round and try something else. We wanted the beach colours golden sand, blue sea and skies, so we flipped it on its head and went for the lovely British Countryside in Summer. 

Finally………..we got a break and the shoot took place a few weeks ago.

Heart Led Studio

Becky owns Heart Led Studio, tucked away in a pretty village in Worcestershire. She helps heart-led female entrepreneurs create their perfect and unique brand, so they can attract their ideal clients and up level their businesses. 

She is an amazing brand coach and website designer, a quietly confident businesswoman with fierce determination and drive, who champions the quietly ambitious women entrepreneur, she is your guide, your cheerleader, she takes your idea and makes it a reality…… Find out more about her here Heart Led Studio.

Italian Piazza & Fields of gold

We somehow managed to dodge the rain showers and found ourselves in Suckley, Great Malvern and up on the Malvern hills. We found an Italian looking Piazza, fields of gold and swathes of British Countryside. Finding the right corn field with the right elevation, backdrop and light was pure luck in the end, driving back after a day of shooting the sun came out and we found our field. We literally stopped in the middle of a country lane and jumped out the car.

featured client: Heart Led Studio

industry: branding coach and website design

brand colours: gold - blue

location: Gt Malvern - Malvern hills - suckley

Photoshoot date: 16th July 2023

I am extremely proud of what we created during her shoot, Becky wanted a light & airy feel with tones of gold, and I think I pulled it off without a beach in sight!!

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