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In terms of business expenses, branding photography is often an item on the list that is seen as a luxury.



Top 5 reasons you need Personal Branding Photography in 2023

In terms of business expenses, branding photography is often an item on the list that is seen as a luxury. Whether you’re a new business building your website for the first time or a well-established business revamping your online presence, the cost of professional photography might prompt you to wonder if you might be able to get by without it.

After all, you could just take some pictures yourself. Or use stock photos. There are other, more important things you should be spending your hard earned funds on than professional photography, right?


The truth is that every business no matter the industry can benefit from having professional branding photography on their website and across their socials. No matter who your customers are or what you are selling, high quality branding photography is an important asset that will contribute to your overall success.

Without photographs of you and your business it’s hard to show your clients who you are and what you do. If you don’t show yourself, it can be really difficult to make a connection with your potential clients.

Good news, branding photography can help you with these struggles.

Brand photography is an investment that is absolutely worth it. There are so many benefits, here are my top five reasons why every business should invest in Branding Photography.

Built the KNOW, LIKE and TRUST

We all know the saying “people buy from people”

The “know like trust”  is a marketing concept that is becoming more and more important. The goal is to get your audience, leads, customers, or clients to understand and believe in your brand. 

In simple terms, someone first needs to get to know “you” the people behind the brand. This drives the connection and starts the like.

Then they begin to trust you and choose you over your competitors. Building this “know like trust” is all about building relationships.

Your potential clients want to see the people behind the brands, it makes your clients feel more connected. This will drive  know, like, and trust, and give your potential new clients the confidence to buy from you .

If your photos make you look like a friendly, capable, experienced professional they’d enjoy working with, they’ll work with you.

On the other hand, if you use incohesive, low-quality photos across your marketing material, they might look elsewhere.

Make a great impression

It has never been so crucial to have an online presence. Having strong brand visuals, you will consistently portray the right message and  impression to your ideal client.

We have 2 seconds to make an impression on our potential clients. So make it a good impression, it what sets you apart and makes your brand stand out.

The photographs you use, represent your brand – low quality, unprofessional photos taken on your phone, communicates the same about your brand, is this really what you want.

First impressions are everything for potential clients, show your services and yourself in the best possible way.

Branding photography will help potential clients find your business. Search engines love them, they can help your website get found in Google Image results, perform better in customer engagement and give you an edge over your competition.

Consistent on Brand Message

Your brand is what communicates who you are to your audience, every detail counts, from your website and the photo’s you choose to represent your brand.

Personal branding photography will portray your unique look, personality, consistently.  It gives you the power to make sure the world sees the best version of yourself.

Leave telling the story of your brand to a professional photographer who knows how to make you shine.

Branding Photos are versatile. 

The same image can be used for a variety of different purposes, across a range of media – from your website and social media channels. Branding photography is great for all your printed marketing, they have a higher resolution and will look fabulous in print.

You’ll love having extra content to post on social media and to send over whenever someone asks for a recent photo.

Saves you Time

How many hours have you spent trying to find a stock image that reflects your brand. Or have you got really frustrated trying to get a good selfie.

What do you do if you are approached to feature in a podcast or as a guest speaker at an event.

You will  want to have branding photography that you love on hand. You are going to save time; you don’t need to take additional time out of your day for the photos because you’ll already have them.

Marketing Strategy

This week I have been putting my 2023 business plan together. As part of my marketing strategy, I want fresh on brand images, to market myself with.

Have you nailed your business plan for 2023, and does it include your marketing strategy?

Have a look at my available packages, plenty to choose from for all budgets.

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Your marketing will thank you for it.