Ever tried a Virtual Brand Shoot?

A virtual brand shoot is, sooo much fun!  All you need is your phone, some light from a window, and a tin of beans. It really is that simple!

What is a Virtual Brand Shoot ?

2 years of pandemic we have learnt that we can do “virtually” anything. I’m sure if someone had told us a few years ago that we would be working out with Joe Wicks every morning, teaching our kids and taking classes all within the four walls of our homes, sitting in front of a computer, we would not have believed it.

Times have changed us that for sure! Brand Photographers have had to create new ways of working with their clients, so we can continue helping them get more visibility and brand awareness on line. A virtual photoshoot Was born!!.

A virtual shoot is an ingenious way for photographers to continue doing what they do: capturing you. Although it is a relatively new concept, it is a trend that is likely to outlast the pandemic. In a nutshell, a virtual photoshoot is a photo session that takes place in the comfort of your own home, but instead of the photographer being just on the other side of a lens, they are on the other end of your phone.

How does it work?

If you have spent any time on Zoom or group video chats recently, you’ll know all about the grainy pictures and unflattering frozen expressions that go along with video calls.

A virtual photoshoot is very different. Firstly, your photographer will ask you to download a photography App, prior to your brand photography session, this was designed for remote shoots. The images are of a much higher resolution than your standard WhatsApp, zoom or video call. You are in the safe hands of your photographer. We know what we  are doing. You will be guided through the process of selecting the best light and how to sit stand, so we get you looking awesome. It’s just as if you were having an in-person photoshoot, the results are just as amazing as if you were out on a brand shoot…

Can a virtual brand shoot give you same results as a Brand Shoot?

There are some drawbacks to having a virtual rather than real life photoshoot, they are not the same high end quality you would expect to get from a camera on a location shoot. However they are more than suitable for you to use across your social media. here also some great advantages.

You get a great introduction to brand photography, you can do it from the comfort of your own space. Having a virtual shoot will give you enough images for at least a months’ worth of besp0ke content for social media. I know as a business owner that worrying and stressing about what to post can be exhausting You can have some fun on your virtual shoot, and give your marketing a boost to grow visibility of your business at the same time.

Having a brand photoshoot in your own home allows the photos to say so much more about you and your personality. Simple props, such as a cup of tea or a favourite book, a scarf in your colours, flowers. All these can add real layers to the shot, and helps tell your story. If your photographer lives on the other side of the world from you; they can be in your living room through the power of your phone!

Virtual photoshoot tips and tricks

  • When you are having a virtual photoshoot, it is up to you to get everything organised. Make sure you take time to read all of the information that your photographer sends.
  • Help yourself by getting a good night’s sleep the night before, no alcohol and hydrate with plenty of water.
  • You don’t have to try and look like a professional model. If you always wear natural makeup, stay natural. You want the photos to reflect you, not an image you’ve seen in a magazine.
  • Make the preparation time enjoyable. If you are harassed getting ready, it will show in your pictures.
  • Choose 2 or 3 outfits that you are comfortable in and reflect who you are. The brand shoots its all about you. Solid colours photograph better than busy prints, but don’t feel that you have to look bland. Bold necklaces and statement earrings can add real personality. Texture works wonderfully on camera too.
  • Choose an uncluttered backdrop to your photos and think about the lighting. Look for the best light in your home, ideally by a window. A garden or balcony can work beautifully too. You may get asked for a 360 of your chosen places to see if it will work.
  • Technology-wise, you just need a smartphone with the App installed. You strap it to a can of beans with a hair tie (yes seriously). Make sure the camera lens is exposed and that you’ve given it a clean beforehand.
  • The clarity of the photos depends on the strength of the internet connection, so chuck your family member of the internet for 30 mins.
  • Get your phone fully charged. Not only will the phone have to last the length of the shoot, but you will need to leave it on while the photos are being uploaded. The last thing you want is to lose your photos because your battery died.
  • Use your phone in portrait, as it gives better photos

How about a free virtual brand shoot?

Yes, I am really giving away a limited number of 30 min virtual shoots for FREE. Enter my competition for a chance to WIN a FREE virtual shoot, worth £99.

You will get 15-20 images that you can use across all your social media channels, I will throw in some graphics too!! This will give you over a month’s worth of content. Content that will grow the know like and trust of your potential new clients, which will lead to more sales.

£99 virtual shoot for FREE and FREE content now that’s a bargain, and we all love a bargain. Enter here!

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