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Which one of my photograph’s is my favourite? The one I am going to take tomorrow.

  • "Typhoons at RAF Lossiemouth taxing home"
  • "Typhoon with shoot deployed RAF Lossiemouth" with shoot
  • "Tornado GR4's at RAF Lossiemouth"
  • "Tornado GR4 at RAF Lossiemouth"
  • "Tornado GR4's last flight form at RAF Lossiemouth"
  • " F15 the king at USSAF Lakenheath"
  • "Milky Way at Lands End"
  • "Milky Way at Rattray Head"
  • " Windmills at Oia at sunrise"
  • "Nightscape of Botallack Tin Mine"
  • "Church Bells at Sunset in Oia Santorini"
  • "Yachts moored up at Assos, Kefalonia with star trails"
  • "Milky Way at Crown Prosper Tin Mines"
  • "Milky Way at Red Beach Akrotiri Santorini"
  • "Radovna Valley Slovenia with Milky Way"
Blue Hour Shots
  • "Squinty Bridge river Clyde Blue Hour"
  • "Assos Bay Kefalonia in Blue Hour"
  • "Bell towers in Oia Santorini at Blue Hour"
  • "Eileen Donan in Blue Hour"
  • "Assos In Blue Hour"
  • "Lake Bled in Slovenia"
  • "Fourth Road Bridge at midnight in summer"
Animals and Wildlife
  • "Heron looking for his dinner"
  • "Heron looking for his dinner"
  • "Artic Fox with summer coat snoozing"
  • "Gannets at Troup Head"
  • "Fox in Autumn Sunshine"
  • "Wolverine playing with floof"
  • "Japanese Macaque perched on a post"
  • "Kasanga the lion at Big Cat Sanctuary"
  • "Maine Coon Cat"
  • "yawning Polar Bear"
  • "gosling sitting on the grass"
  • "Cob swan with his 8 day old cygnets on the Grand Union Canal"
  • "Cygnets trying to stay on the swans back"
  • "Tarnash Falls"
  • "Rattray Head lighthouse at sunrise"
  • "Mirror Man Loch Earn"
  • "Assos Bay Kefalonia"
  • "Chanonnary Point lighthouse in Black and white"
  • "Fog Bow at Tarlair, MacDuff"
  • "Sunrise Church in Jamnik, Krang, Slovenia"
  • "Sunrise Church in Jamnik, Krang, Slovenia"
  • "Rattray Head lighthouse at sunrise"

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