Must have shots for your Brand Photography Shoot.

Let's deep dive into the must have photos for your next Brand Photography Shoot. Why you need them, where and how you can use them. Helping you to plan out your next shoot, make sure you get the images you need.




You are going to need a headshot, to show the human face of your business to drive the connection with your ideal client. You know the saying people buy from people, stop hiding behind your  logo, show your face it builds trust and authenticity.

Use this image across all your social media profiles like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Use the same image across all platforms to build brand consistency and be recognisable. Get your ideal clients to start recognising you, be the known face behind your brand.

A simple background is better for your portrait. It will read clearly in the smaller sizes that are presented on those social media sites.  Try not to distract and confuse people looking at your account profile, if it’s too busy or you’re hidden, make sure it’s clear and you are the main focus point.  

A professional headshot is a must for every business owner, so remember to plan for it during your Lifestyle Branding Photography session.


You will also need more casual lifestyle portraits that are more candid but still of a professional quality. These images are perfect for communicating with your social network and allowing your audience to get to know more about you. You can also use these shots throughout your website to add a personal touch, show your personality, and create instant connection with potential clients.

Using professional images on your website is a must, mobile phone images have limitations and do not always work on websites. I have a blog on the limitation of smartphone photos, here. Where they can work and where they don’t.


Banner images are really versatile and should definitely be on your must have shot list. You can use them as header and hero images on your website pages and as cover photos on your social platforms, like Linkedin, Facebook, Pinterest. 

Having a variety of banner images can be really useful to use on different pages on your website that connect to different topics. It’s also a good thing to update seasonally or if you run promotions and offers.


Whether you’re a service based business or product based, it’s always great to see action shots of you at work. Your audience is keen to see what goes on behind the scenes of your business and this is a great way to show them what you do in more detail. 

This can include brainstorming, planning, writing, drawing, gathering materials, setting up equipment, and all the steps that go into creating the product. These images are the perfect way to illustrate what makes your products special and different from the rest because a potential client simply might not realise how much work goes into making the product or service they are buying.

Client interaction If your business involves interacting with clients – whether on the phone, Zoom, or in person – you definitely need images that show what that looks like. For most people, having a visual representation of what this client interaction looks like will allow them to make the purchase with confidence and reassurance. The best way to plan for these is to invite past clients, friends, or even family members to participate in your session to replicate the specific scenarios that would show potential customers what it’s like to work with you.

Whether you’re a coach who takes calls in your home office or a jewellery maker who creates bespoke pieces in a workshop, these are a must-have for any business owner.


Detail shots are really useful for infusing some pretty imagery into your website and social media feed. They are a great way to show any logo/branded items you may have or items that have significant value to you as a business owner. 

These work well on “Services” pages and can spark great conversations on social posts. Using props or close ups of your workspace are great ways to incorporate detailed shots add interest and dimension to a gallery of portraits so they need to be on your must have shot list.


Do not miss the opportunity to capture images that show off your personality and interests. Hobbies are important activities in our lives and can create an instant connection with people who share the same interests. Showcasing some of your  personal life interests is one of the best ways to set yourself apart. 

I always plan for “stories” during my lifestyle brand shoots, whether that’s walking your dog, reading, making cocktails, listening to podcasts, getting ice cream with your kids, or gardening. They are relatable to your ideal client, and it’s important to infuse a bit of your personal self, during your shoot.

Pets are great to use as they melt the heart and cause positive emotions, using a “pawtrait” is  sure fire way to increase your visibility.


Creating images with space for text is a really great  way to engage with your audience on socials. Leaving a large amount of negative space allows you to add testimonials, a how to guide, or use the space to shout about your latest promotion. 

We can shoot against plain coloured backdrops or you can hold your phone in a way that you can add text to later.

There you have it…it’s a wrap!

Now you know what shots you are going to need, It’s time to get planning, this is the fun bit. 

I hope you found this blog helpful, why not check out my other blog posts too. I’ve written them with you in mind, I hope find something that can help you 🧡