Overcome the fear of being photographed

I can’t promise that I will take away all of your fears about being photographed with a blog post. But I can share some tips that might help to build your confidence.



I’ve been a photographer for 40 odd years, my passion is photography and my business is built on capturing female business owners and entrepreneurs. But the idea of stepping out behind my camera used to fill me with absolute dread.

Over the years I can’t count the number of events where I’ve hidden from being in photos. My trick was to take the photos so I didn’t have to be in them. But the sad fact is that when I look back over pictures from holidays, birthdays, trips to the sea, you’d never have known I was there!

No matter how much I had that feeling of dread, no matter how much I felt self-conscious or hated the result I realised that I had to overcome it in order to avoid being the invisible female business owner.

I can’t promise that I will take away all of your fears about being photographed with a blog post. But I can share some tips that might help to build your confidence.

But you hate your photo taken – you are not alone. I hear it all the time from my clients. So why? I hear the same words again and again.

Awkward, Self Conscious, Out of Control

Awkward – The number of photos I’ve deliberately ruined because I felt awkward. I have panicked response – someone points a camera and suddenly I’ve forgotten what humans do with their arms and legs. I become stiff, robotic, I become overwhelmed by an irresistible compulsion to hide.

Self Conscious – I’m sure you’ve experienced that awful crushing feeling when you see a photo of yourself that you hate. Maybe it’s the angle the light and you think “is that really what I look like” This stays in your head and messes with your emotions.

Out of Control  – It’s a very vulnerable act, having your photo taken. It’s difficult to trust the person taking the photo when you feel exposed. Ever been with a group of friends and they want a group photo, everyone else seems so relaxed but you want to hide.

So How can you face your fear?

Research your Photographer.

Now I am not saying you have to use me, but would be thrilled if you did.

There are many photographers out there, all with a different style and feel to their images. If you like a light airy feel, choose a photographer that specialises in that style. If you like a darker moody feel, there are photographers that style their work this way too.

That’s the 1st step, but this is the KEY!!

Choose a photographer you know you can work with. Do you have a great rapport, do they get you?  If they make you feel uncomfortable, then the shoot itself will be painful and you are unlikely to be at your best, and you won’t be happy with your images.

It should be a fun experience and your photographer should make you feel, like a million dollars. You need to be you, having a photographer that gets you will make all the difference.

I want my clients love their photo’s and I do everything in my power to make that happen.  I will always show you them on the back of the camera, together we can capture images  that you will proud of.

Trust your chosen Photographer.

You are not the first person to feel how you do.  As photographers we spend hours learning how to direct and pose clients, so they look natural and unposed.  

We are obsessed with light and know how to hunt down or create the best and most flattering light to photograph you in.  Lighting, posing, camera angle, lens choice, connection with the photographer.

All these things make a BIG difference to the final image. And when you pay a professional photographer these are the skills and knowledge you are paying for.

Have a good reason for your shoot

My reason was wanting a brand shoot was having up to date content. I had to face my fear head on. But I promise you it is doable and not as scary as you think it will be. By choosing a location you know and feel happy in, that makes it easier, that’s what I did.

Plus it’s always good for me to put myself in your shoes, and remind myself of how you might be feeling on the day of your shoot. 

Be prepared

Don’t panic, I will help you prepare. We spend time getting together pre shoot, we will talk about your business and you, and where you are going to be using your new images.  I have a great brand workbook we work through, so come shoot day it will feel like spending time with a friend.

I would not make drastic changes to how you look, it’s always best to be yourself.  By all means buy a scarf, top or even outfit if it’s going to give you confidence and make you feel a million dollars.  

I adore this B&W of me 🧡  (thank you so much Sam at Samantha Louise Brand Photography) and I’ve already booked myself in an update.  

Together we can and will conquer that fear of being photographed and create images that you will love and post proudly. I promise you won’t regret it!  x