Tales from the Riverbank Goosey Goosey

Honk Honk! I love Canada Geese, they look out for one another, they care for the sick and the elderly. During migration, if one goose is too weak to carry on with the rest of the flock, another, healthy bird will stay behind helping to protect it. Once a goose has chosen a mate, the couple will stay together until one of them dies.

Wow what a bumper crop of goslings this year. During many of my meanderings to my local canal, I was able to capture some of this on my trusty Sony. As Spring slipped into early Summer the number of goslings seemed to increase. I did try to count one flotilla, there were so many kept loosing count, think I got up to 80. Watching what can only described as a creche, a couple of adults, with all the goslings following, another adult at the back sorting out all the stragglers. The males standing some distance off ready to hiss at you if you got too close. Incredible really!

The geese generally stayed below the lock away from the swans, but as their goslings grew up, they did venture further up which caused all sorts of commotion and general argy bargy from all parents and the cygnets who would also throw their weight about, sending the goslings scuttling for cover. The geese would get out, wander off for a bit, then come back for it to start all over again. It was like massive water fight.

As a photographer being able to sit on the lock gates watching these guys running around my feet, was such a privilege. To be that close to nature, something I will never forget or take for granted.

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