Tales from the Riverbank Union Jewels

I am missing the warm summer months on the canal, the Autumn colours have nearly finished, now waiting on the winter frost.

Back to the summer…… where there was an abundance of Dragonflies on the canal. They don’t chase down their prey, they snag them from the air with calculated aerial ambushes. Dragonflies can judge the speed and trajectory of a prey target and adjust their flight to intercept prey. They’re so skilled they have up to a 95% success rate when hunting. Must be flat-out terrifying if you’re a mosquito, gnat or other small flying bug.

Think “stealth fighter jet” when it comes to a dragonfly’s ability to nab prey in flight quickly, effectively, and intelligently.

I took these photographs over a couple of days, had a 1st crack at macro, got good catch of a few of them sunning themselves on the reeds by the brook. A couple days later they were laying their eggs in the canal, could not close enough for macro work, so chose my 200mm. Bit tricky trying to balance on the edge without dropping the camera in or falling in myself. It was a lovely morning watching them all whizzing about all over the place with some great jet style “dog fights” you could hear the clattering of wings overhead

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