Absolutely Brilliant

Absolutely brilliant and a great learning experience.
First off, after i annitiually made my booking, i had to reschedule due to my own job. Helen was understanding and quick to reply to my new situation and we arranged a new booking date without any fuss.

Helen herself is a great instructor with a vast amount of knowledge covering a range of different photography products, skills and techniques that will benefit a beginner or an experienced photographer. She’s very patient and understanding and easily adapts to your personal knowledge/experience.

As with photography, there is quite a lot of information to learn to truly start to master photography. And the 2 hour 1 to 1 session that i had was extremely beneficial.

My session itself was to understand my camera, the settings and how to adjust them. Within the 2 hours, she worked her way around the camera and clearly explained the individual buttons and settings that i would need to start my photography. Within no time we were snapping away at the wildlife and getting hands on with the settings. I personally learn from being hands on and this course was just that.

I would highly recommend making a booking with Helen if your interested in getting into to photography or even mastering different techniques and styles of photography. Very enjoyable course and i will be booking again.