Visual Content is King

The virtual world has become a more powerful way to connect brands and customers. Business needs to create more and better visual content to stay afloat in a noisy digital environment, visual communication needs to be taken seriously. Great visuals can set brands up for success and boost their revenue.

Venngage surveyed marketers in the UK in 2021 and asked them about their visual content strategy.

Marketers surveyed said their 90% of their content contained visuals.

Stock photos took the lead with 40% of votes

What type of visuals helped them reach their marketing goals.

Despite coming in last in the previous question, 40% of respondents said videos and presentations have been the most effective visual type for achieving their goals.

What type of visuals did not help you meet your marketing goals.

Over 50% reported that stock photos didn’t help them reaching their targets and goals.

Visual content isn’t an easy strategy to execute, The marketers were asked about the challenges they face when creating visuals.

60%  reported they struggled with consistency. 

How essential is visual content to their marketing strategy

The marketers that were we surveyed said that visual content was either essential or very important to their strategy.


The survey has proven the importance of creating effective visuals regularly, that stock photos did not meet marketing goals, with the majority saying they struggled with consistency. We all know that stock photos. Can be bought by anyone and lack authenticity, so why would you still use them.

A Brand shoot will give you a consistent feel, style, design of your brand. People buy from people so having a bank of bespoke on brand images, created to reflect your personality and uniqueness builds the know like and trust of your potential clients.

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