What are the Brand Photography Trends for 2023

With a bit of knowing what the top brand photography trends are, and using “must have photos”, you can get yourself noticed. So what’s hot, how can you stand out, and be ahead of the game in 2023.



Storytelling Brand Photography

Your photo’s must tell a story, whether it’s about the brand, the people behind it, or the product or service being offered, it can help create an emotional connection with customers. This should be the backbone of all your visual marketing. Your potential clients want to know who you are, it helps cement the know, like and trust.

Authenticity and Realism:

Consumers are increasingly looking for authenticity. They are aware of the mental health implications of growing up in an airbrushed world and how its distorted our perception of people. This has led to a shift towards body positivity. Consumers are tired of seeing staged shots with heavy post processing.  Photo’s with natural lighting, less editing, and the absence of staged scenes on your socials and websites help your potential clients feel a sense of belonging, it helps them relate to your brand. The focus is on real people, real emotions, and natural-looking images.

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Minimalism and Simplicity

This look is still on trend, and a personal favourite of mine. Simple brand photography can help create a sense of sophistication and elegance, while drawing attention to the key elements of your brand. Less is more with muted colours, and dreamy soft focus on the backgrounds. A softening of light creates a distinctive feel to an image.

Bold Colours

Strong bright colours are starting to become popular. The stronger the colour, the louder it shouts. And it needs to be if you want to get noticed, you need to grab attention from the hundreds of thousands of images taken and shared daily. Think backgrounds and accessories, get creative with it, but keep it as natural as possible.

Silhouettes are Back

Think of them in a different way. You might see a closeup of a person framed in light or a more wide-angle scene where the background is really the focal point and the silhouetted person serves as more of an accent in the image. What’s nice about these images is that they can provide different areas of focus, without highlighting the individual in the image. This makes silhouette options great if you don’t want to show specific individuals.

This silhouette image is of me, taken by my good friend Jo from Wild Spirit Photography.


While each Personal Branding photo session is totally unique, there are 6 primary types of branding photos that almost every entrepreneur or small business owner needs to have.

Although every client has a different set of needs, the following 6 categories are a good starting point for anyone looking to book a personal branding photo session.


You do need is a professional-looking headshot. A very simple background, so it doesn’t distract and confuse people. This image you can use across your social media account profiles like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. A professional headshot is the #1 must-have for small business owners.


You will also need more casual lifestyle portraits; these are more candid but still professional in quality. It’s your chance to be more creative and fun while displaying eye-catching, scroll-stopping images that express your unique style and personality.

Hobbies are some of the most important activities in our life and create instant connection with people to share the same interests. And while we might want to focus only on business-related imagery, showcasing some of the personal-life interests is one of the best ways to set yourself apart. Pets are great to use as they melt the heart and cause positive emotions.

When you show off who you are and what inspires you, you stand out from the competition and that, can be a deciding factor for a potential client when deciding if they should buy from you or work with you. Remember that people like to buy from people. You are what sets your business apart from competitors. You want to be relatable and create a space for your audience to connect with you and start conversations.


Show where and how the magic happens!

Showing them the behind the scenes allows them to feel involved and instantly more connected to what you do. This can include writing, drawing, gathering materials, setting up equipment, the steps that go into creating your product.

If you’re a handmade business, show that off. Show your skills and the expertise you have, show your audience why you are worth working with, why your product or service is of value. 

Your business needs shots of you doing what you do in your environment, such as working on the computer, talking on the phone, teaching a class, baking a cake, doing photography. 

Whatever your superpower is, that’s what you want to capture!


You need to show what the process of working with you looks like. Invite past clients, friends, or even family members to participate in your session to replicate the specific scenarios that would show potential customers what it’s like to work with you.

If you have a physical shop that customers will be visiting, what does it look like. If you are service-based what are the touchpoints where you connect with clients, is it via video call, do you work with them in person, what does your process look like.  Images of you interacting with your clients, will help your audience have a more in-depth understanding of what you do, and build trust. Seeing how you operate with your clients alleviates any hesitation they might have because they’ll know what to expect if they choose you. …and they will choose you!


If you sell physical products or digital only, it’s always of great benefit to have professional photographs of them. Not only can you use these images on your website to sell items online, but you can also post them on Instagram and Facebook to drive sales. One of the biggest advantages of including products in your Personal Branding session is that it instantly increases the value of the photoshoot. Professional product images can add up in terms of cost and bundling them in with your lifestyle branding is an incredible value.


What do you use to create your genius? 

It’s important to have styled photos of the tools you use at work, such as laptop, essential oils, planner, office supplies, camera, brushes, makeup…

Detail photos not only give your audience a closer look at your product, but they also create visual variety. And that’s great whether you sell a physical product, or you are a service-based business.

If you have branded cups, bags, tags, or anything else with your logo on it, it’s always useful to have photo’s that shows off that branding. Not only does this reinforce your company in a potential customer’s mind, but it also creates credibility for anyone looking at your website or social media feed. Especially if you’ve invested money in creating the logo branding, show it off!

Besides the typical flat lays , make sure you get some images with your hands interacting with the objects. It makes your images more personal.

They’re great for blog posts, content for social media, and as a filler on your website.

If you want to know more about props, I have a blog with lots of ideas, read it out here.


In general, it’s important to have full body and half body lifestyle shots. Photos with negative space to allow for creative designs later. A hero image to attract your viewers’ attention, images that show interactions with other people, and close-ups of your products.  

Your photos should be a true representation of yourself and how you want your clients to perceive you.

Remember: your images will be selling your brand, so it’s a necessary investment but you have to do it right!

Make sure your photographer is willing and able to guide you and help you determine what kind of content you need. Your photo’s need to be authentic and on trend, so they can work as hard as possible for you.

I hope this has brought you some insight and questions to ask your photographer, so you can rock your next photoshoot!