What do I wear for my Brand Photoshoot!

What do I wear for my Brand photoshoot! I get asked this a lot, so I have put together some tips and tricks to help you.




We all have things about ourselves that we don’t like. These things can flood out during a photoshoot leaving you feeling self-conscious and awkward.

This is why it’s important to wear clothes that make you feel good and make you feel happy.  Got a favourite oversized jumper that makes you feel super cosy inside, wear it. If you feel comfortable and happy in your clothes, you’ll feel more at ease during your brand photoshoot.


Choose colours that will coordinate with all your marketing. This doesn’t mean that if your brand colours are blue and orange that you can only wear those colours. It means that maybe you throw an orange scarf into your look or wear that blue top you love.

If you’re brand colours are soft, but you wear bright purple in your photos, there will be absolutely no cohesiveness in your overall brand image.


Depending on the length of your photoshoot you may like to plan for multiple outfits.  Having multiple outfits increases the longevity of the images. Choose clothing that can be used all year round. Get as much mileage out of them as possible by wearing something that looks as good in December as it does in July!

In a typical three hour personal branding photoshoot, I recommend clients having two different outfits planned. The more hours, the more outfits.

Bring options! A nude vest is excellent if you need to change on location as you can slip a new outfit over the top.


This photoshoot is about you and your brand. We don’t want to feature another brands logo in images, your photos are meant to make your business shine!

If your brand colours include neon, try to avoid wearing them. This is for photography aesthetics, when you wear neon colours, the colour is reflected off of the piece of clothing and onto your skin. There are other ways to bring in your brand colours such as through use of props and location.


Texture is more important than patterns. The camera picks up on subtle fabric textures and they add a beautiful depth to the image without distracting the viewer. Crazy patterns can be overbearing and move the viewers eyes to the clothing instead of your face.


You might be wearing blazer and trousers to work every day, or be in your sweat pants and a cosy sweater, or your favourite jeans. Think about what you truly wear in your day. You can always dress it up or down for a variety of looks.

If part or all of your business has you wearing formal clothing, bring that as an option. You can always throw a blazer over a top or wear your fanciest dress! You might as well take advantage of this whole photoshoot thing and put on your favourite fancy look. 

If you are training clients in your workout gear every day, you’ll definitely want to rock that look for most of your photos! If you’re a chef or artist, bring along your apron. Your branding photos will speak to who you are and clearly communicate your business’s mission. 


This is where we can make your photos work harder for you. The two outfits you previously planned can now turn into three to five depending on the right accessories.

If you stick to quite a neutral outfit, you can completely change a look by throwing a jacket on for a few pictures and then swapping that out for a coat. Shoes can change an outfit easily, swap your heels for flats. Pick a selection of scarves or hats or glasses that you can use.

Maybe you wear some statement jewellery in some pictures and none in other pictures. With the right accessories, you can completely change the look of your outfit and make it appear as if your images were taken on different days and even throughout the year.


As personal branding photography is all about telling your story and showing your clients what makes you unique, I highly encourage you to use props.

The things you pick, should be things you use in your business and your daily life. Here is the best bit… since your building your brand, you could use things you don’t use now but envision using them in the near future.

Think about it, when you see yourself in that photo, surrounded by all the things you love and desire, you’ll hear the universe say: “Your wish is my command.” 


Its a hidden Bonus

The bonus is that your ideal client will also feel more connected to you, your story and what you stand for because chances are, they also want more of those things in their lives. They will not only buy your products or hire your services, but they will also become the most loyal fans who will celebrate your small and big wins with you!

some inspiration to help you pick your props:

  • Things you use whilst your working
  • Food and Drinks you enjoy
  • Things that are part of your daily routine

be yourself

Finally, and most importantly be yourself. Wear what feels right for you. All of the above guidance is just that: guidance. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to what to wear. You know your brand and business best. Ultimately, no one can decide what’s better to wear than you can.