Why I use Workbook’s for branding photography

I use my cleverly designed Brand Workbook, with clear steps which will lead you to have a successful brand shoot with fabulous imagery you have dreamed of.




You know you need to make sure you’re being seen for who you truly are, and that your business objectives are being communicated in a creative and scroll stopping way. Your brand identity has to be present and your personality must shine through.

If you’re thinking of investing in a professionally designed website for your business, it goes without saying that having professional brand photography is going to be an essential step as well.

You’re probably facing a bit of overwhelm with it all.

The good news is you don’t have to do it all yourself… YAY! I hear you say.

There’s a lot more than what meets the eye to a story telling photo. Let’s face it, your photos can make or break your online presence. That is why I use my cleverly designed Brand Workbook, with clear steps which will lead you to have a successful brand shoot with fabulous imagery you have dreamed of.

It’s not “just a photoshoot” we get right into the nitty gritty of your business.

We work together with a pre-shoot brain storm meeting. We will dive deeply into your values and the culture of your business. We plan your shoot together……The devil is in the detail.   Not only will I get to know your story, but you will also gain a real insight and clarity you never had before.


First things first, all things drill down to your brand strategy.

  • What does your business do?
  • Your mission & vision and importantly your why.
  • Who is your ideal client?
  • Your brand tone, the words you use.
  • Your brand colours.


We work on identifying your brand identity, I want to know these details and value them as much as you do.

  • We use your brand tone words to springboard off, a real brainstorm.
  • How do you want your potential clients to feel when they see your imagery.
  • How are you different than your competitors?
  • How do you want to show up in your imagery?
  • How do you NOT want to show up in your imagery?
  • What is your main goal for your online presence?
  • What is the main goal of this shoot?


Mood boards are fabulous, they really help with bringing together a cohesive look and feel. Start by creating a collection of imagery you like and has your brand feel.

I love Pinterest boards as you can upload pins from your phone or computer and also pin from all over the internet. Not to mention, Pinterest’s algorithm is smart, so it will start recommending you similar imagery once you get going on a board. See my Boards.

Start by collecting images that you envision for your shoot.

Think of a location, your colour palette, general aesthetic, styling, still life, flatlay imagery, shots with props you’d like to use, and any posing ideas.

But don’t panic, I will hold your when it comes to the creative side of this as I know not all who come to me are skilled visual communicators. Making an epic mood board can be really hard.


A detailed and abundant mood board is THE BEST way to communicate your vision to me. It doesn’t need to be organised to start off, just start pining, I will bring my genius and we will soon have it looking, bang on brand.


Make sure you know where you are  planning of using your photos. This will give me an idea of scope, and help build your shot list.

Photos for a website

Start thinking about what imagery you need for each page of your website. For example, your about page might require a headshot. On the contact page perhaps you want a photo of yourself working.  Make an outline of your pages and what type of photos you’d like on them. Don’t forget the hero image in Landscape with negative space.

Photos for socials

Portrait format (vertical vs horizontal) is great for social. Do you need a mix of detail shots for variety? Is it important to show you “at work”? We will brainstorm the types of shots you need to sustain and speak to your ideal client on your socials.

We will do a current audit of the photos you have. What worked, what didn’t, what do you need more of, what you can do differently. Your photos should shout, you value, ethos  and branding vision as well as your marketing plan.


Now we can see that end goal more clearly, there’s some final things to think about.

What else do you need to bring with you to make this photoshoot a roaring sucess?

Props – We can start making your prop list based on your marketing goals and mood board vision. What do you need to bring? Laptop, magazines, decor things, stationery, branding materials, your fav mug…check your board, what do you love about those photos that you want to incorporate.

Hair and Makeup Artist –  This is a personal one. HMUA professionals are really great at their job.

However, for some individuals, showing up authentically means doing their own hair and makeup. Know your options, and know how you want to be seen and what best suits YOU is all I have to say.

I will be working my magic and doing my part by putting you in your best light and most flattering angles no matter what.

Just think about timing, we only have a 3 hour shoot, so your HMUA needs to finish at least an hour before your shoot starts.

Location – Where is the perfect place for your shoot? Luckily, we made that mood board.

One of the first decisions we make is choosing a location. A location can make or break an image. What type of space suits your brand.

Wardrobe – There’s no arguing that your wardrobe communicates your vibe. Do you want a classy but laid-back look, a more corporate look, a polished fashionable look? Well, you can have a mix as usually shoots allow for wardrobe changes (but also know those changes do take time).

You just need to be intentional with what you want and how you want to be seen here. Select colours and cuts that are harmonious to your brand aesthetic and when in doubt, go for timeless over trendy. Never has a soft white button-down blouse and denim done a woman wrong.

I have a blog on what to wear, you can read it here. 


Having a shot list means you’ll get what you need. There’s intention behind each shot, and time is being used efficiently meaning you get the best bang for your buck.

Breaking down the shoot into bite size chunks,  so you can have an idea of what needs to be accomplished. It will give us an idea of scope for time and deliverables. Maybe we realise we need two locations. 

This all leads to the opportunity for you to have a uniquely you and customised BRAND ME FABULOUS photography experience.


Is all this prep time-consuming? Yes. But absolutely worth it and necessary . This is the exact process I take with all my clients. It puts so much clarity and intention behind the shoot and makes for such a great shoot day with beautiful results, and ultimately a satisfied you!

We’ve done all this planning, so you can arrive knowing we’ve done the behind-the-scenes work and you can relax, be your fabulous self, as I will take the lead from here.

Relax you look stunning!

I’ve been coaching people in how to relax and look good in front of the camera for years. I just love to see the moment you shine, realising that yes, you are magnificent, beautiful, divine. I will be your friend, a listener, an adviser, a believer, your cheerleader.

Top tips 3

  • Wear your favourite outfits first! Photoshoots can end up taking longer than expected so don’t leave your favourite outfits to last, as you might not get to wear them!
  • Make a fun playlist to help you relax and enjoy the day so you can bring across the vibe you’re going for in your photos.
  • Group your outfits by the undergarment you’re wearing for each so you don’t need to constantly change everything.


Sam was needing brand images for her new website, and social media. She was ready to invest in her own business. The whole process took 3 months from the 1st discovery call to delivery of the finished photo’s. We spent quite a bit of time together, prior to the shoot. This helped Sam gain my trust, and for me to really understand her branding. Come shoot day I felt like an old friend.

Took us a while to find the perfect location, but we persevered, scouted a lot, and found it! The workbook and mood board did its job!

We hit the beach at Hayling!!!!!!

Sam hates having her photo taken, but she knew she needed to face her fear. I totally get it, no one wants a camera pointed at them, with a crazy photographer shouting smile at them.  It didn’t take her long to forget she was having her photo taken. She felt relaxed and enjoyed it, and has conquered her fear.


A brand shoot can do this for you too.


It’s my job to take your vision and bring it to life. I’m passionate about telling your story through creative brand photography, its your brand captured with passion, start attracting those ideal clients.